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Samsung Pay makes its way to smart TVs


Samsung is making it simpler to shop for apps, in-app purchases, books and movies, among other things, on its smart TVs. Months after launching its mobile payment system, the Korean company's now introducing a new service aptly called "Samsung Pay on TV." You can either set it up with a credit/debit card or with a PayPal account -- once that's done, the TV will only ask you for a four-digit PIN number every time you make a purchase. If your CC numbers or PayPal email and password are already associated with a pre-existing Samsung account, they'll automatically be used with the service when you sign in. But in case you do have to type those in, the TV will make you use Samsung's new and secure virtual keyboard.

That said, the feature will only be available on select 2014 and 2015 Samsung smart TV models and only in 32 countries, so you may want to check before getting hyped. The company's hoping to get you started on buying stuff by making additional premium content available as in-app purchases for a handful of games. Since it's a small list, your game of choice might not even be in it, but godspeed to you and your wallet if it is.

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