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Firefox creator writes an unofficial, on-point episode of 'Silicon Valley'


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Many in the tech sphere will tell you that HBO's Silicon Valley is sometimes too accurate in its send-up of the San Francisco Bay Area's frequently ridiculous startup culture. But how good would it be if someone who actually came from the industry wrote an episode? You're about to find out. Firefox co-creator Blake Ross has posted an unofficial Silicon Valley screenplay that starts where the second season finished, and it's clearly the result of someone who's witnessed startup shenanigans first-hand. Richard has to hire his own CEO replacement, and grapples with the prospect of open-sourcing Pied Piper's code.

This isn't the sign of an impending career change. Ross tells our TechCrunch colleagues that he'd be happy to write Silicon Valley, but that's as far as it goes right now. However, this isn't necessarily a one-and-done project. Ross is hoping for feedback to see which dialogue works, and he may even write an entire unofficial season before the real show resumes in 8 months. Think of this as one of the more ambitious, informed pieces of fan fiction you'll ever see -- it's authentic enough that it wouldn't feel out of place on TV.

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