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Set-top box chip comes with TV enhancer for colorblind viewers


Researchers from the University of East Anglia developed a technology called "Eyeteq" that can tweak what's shown on TV for colorblind viewers sometime ago. Now, they're making sure the tech is more accessible to hardware manufacturers, particularly those that make set-top boxes. Their spin-off company, Spectral Edge, has integrated Eyeteq into STMicroelectronics' Cannes set-top box chipset. As you can see in the demo video below the fold, users would be able to adjust their TVs based on the kind of colorblindness they have using a remote control. The chip enhances the colors in each frame, but the changes show up on screen instantly.

The European startup didn't say whether any company's already showing interest, so it's unclear when a Cannes-equipped device will hit the market. It clarified, however, that the adjustments will have minimal impact on those who don't suffer from the condition, letting family and friends watch movies and shows together. Note that there are other tools available for colorblind people out there, including a Chrome extension. Also, more and more games are offering a colorblind mode/option. Still, a set-top box with a built-in enhancer for people who see hues in a different way sounds mighty useful for TV junkies.

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