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Windows 10's latest phone test gives you more control over photos


Microsoft is likely on the cusp of unveiling its first Windows 10 phones, which has left more than a few fans wondering why it hasn't posted a fresh preview version of Windows 10 Mobile in a while. Well, wonder no longer -- the company has released an updated preview build that not only fixes a number of key bugs, but introduces a big upgrade to the photo experience. Fire up the Photos app and you'll get a folder view that makes it easier to see what's in OneDrive or your phone's SD card. You can also mark photos as favorites, and navigating your gallery should be faster overall.

This latest test is available right now if you're on the faster preview track. Think twice about leaping on it if you're a Lumia 1020 owner, however. Although the list of known glitches with this Windows 10 Mobile build is mercifully short, you can't use the 1020's signature features (like 41-megapixel photos and RAW files) without the Lumia Camera app, which won't be ready for Windows 10 until the fall. If you don't mind that omission or carry a different device, though, this build could be worth a try. It may well be one of the last sneak peeks you get before Windows 10 is ready to ship.

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