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Roland's 'Boutique' synth line leaks, ratchets up the nostalgia

Billy Steele

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Roland may have already teased its upcoming 'Boutique' line of synthesizers, but thanks to a leak, we now have a lot more info. The trio of instruments offers modern takes on the classic Jupiter 8, Juno 106 and JX-3P synths with the JP-08, JU-06 and JX-03. Of course, this isn't the first time Roland has turned back the clock, as it revealed the AIRA line in 2014 that included new versions of the TR-303 and TR-808. The JP-08, JU-06 and JX-03 are all sold as individual modules, with the option of docking them in a K-25m keyboard that packs 25 velocity-sensitive keys (hence the name). The trio also feature 16-step sequencers, can run off four AA batteries and connect to your computer via USB.

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In addition to Roland's own AIRA line, the reissues continue to pile up. Yamaha's Reface instruments broke cover earlier this year, and there's Korg's MS-20 mini and ARP Odyssey that all jack up the nostalgia. The most interesting part about these Boutique synths? For me, it's the price. The leak suggests they'll retail for $299 (JU-06 and JX-03) and $399 (JP-08), so you can buy the complete set for $1,000. Of course, that keyboard is likely to cost extra. It also says that the anticipated release date is November 8th, so we're sure to see an official announcement from Roland is the near future.

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