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Amazon Echo connected home control reaches Insteon lights


The Amazon Echo just got a bit more useful with today's announcement that it would be integrated with Insteon's connected lights, dimmers and relays. In addition to the expected on and off capabilities, devices and lights can be part of five-item groups and dimmed with voice command. For example: "Alexa, set living room lamp to 50 percent." The Echo currently doesn't support Insteon's Scenes feature with its ability to combine an unlimited about of devices quiet yet. But, the company says that adding that capability is a high priority. Also, Echo integration will work with the company's latest regular Hub but not with the Hub Pro which was built specifically for HomeKit. The Echo already supports Philips' Hue, Belkin's WeMo, and Samsung's SmartThings. By adding Insteon, the voice-activated tube from Amazon is becoming more and more sleeper device in the connected home.

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