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The best wireless mouse


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We spent 100 hours researching nearly 200 mice, surveying more than 1,000 mouse users, testing 28 mice ourselves, and consulting with a panel of experts and laypeople to determine that the $35 Logitech Marathon M705 is the best wireless mouse for most people. Our panel of mouse users with varying hand sizes and mousing grips almost unanimously favored the size, shape, and glide of the Marathon over the competition, especially praising its button selection and placement.

How we tested

We had a panel of six mouse users test all 28 mice and tell us what they thought. We also put each mouse through a battery of sensor tests and tested each one on a desk, a hard mouse pad, a soft mouse pad, a wood floor, fabric, and a mirror to make sure none were tripped up by common mousing surfaces. Then we used each of the finalists for at least one day of work to explore bundled software, rule out any other long-term performance issues, and get comfortable with all the different designs.

Our pick

The Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 was our panel's favorite, and it has the best overall balance of features: medium size, ergonomic shape, six customizable buttons, long battery life, a Unifying Receiver (which lets you use up to six Logitech keyboards and pointing devices on a single USB port), and a three-year limited warranty.

The Marathon's shape is ergonomic and comfortable for most grip styles, and all of our testers loved it regardless of their hand size. In our tests, the Marathon worked flawlessly on every surface except glass and a mirror. It has nine buttons: left click; right click; a toggle to switch between ratchet and infinite scrolling; forward and back buttons; an application-switcher button on the grip; and down, left, and right on the scroll wheel. Eight of these buttons can be customized to your liking using Logitech's software.

Logitech says the M705's battery life lasts a maximum of three years. I've been using this mouse on and off for more than a year; the battery is still at 95 percent and Logitech's software estimates it has 991 days of battery life remaining. I haven't been using it every day, but that's still very impressive. At this rate, it feels like it might never die.

A Bluetooth mouse with more features

The $100 Logitech MX Master costs more than most people should spend on a mouse, but it's a great option for professionals and anyone who uses a mouse for long periods every day. The Master has 5 programmable buttons, a second (programmable) scroll wheel for your thumb, and a rechargeable battery, plus it can pair with up three Bluetooth devices at the same time. The MX Master is larger and heavier than the Marathon—though smaller than our pick for large hands—but our panel loved the Master's contour, size, and features.

A cheap, portable pick (that's also good for small hands)

If you need a travel-sized mouse and don't mind a wireless dongle, we recommend the Microsoft Sculpt Mobile. It's compact without sacrificing palm support and has a great scroll wheel. The Sculpt Mobile is a bit small for most people to use daily, and it doesn't have as many programmable buttons as the Marathon, but it's great for travel and those with smaller hands.

For large hands

The $60 Logitech Performance MX is our recommendation for people with big hands who don't need all the features of the MX Master because it's larger, less expensive, and has a longer warranty. Our largest-handed tester even preferred the size and shape of the Performance MX over the MX Master, but he liked the features of the MX Master better. The Performance is too large for most people's everyday use, though.

Wrapping it up

The Logitech Marathon M705 is the best wireless mouse because its size and shape are comfortable to people of most hand sizes and all grips, and it has eight programmable buttons, ratcheted and smooth scrolling, and a Logitech Unifying Receiver. What's more, it isn't too expensive and comes with a three-year warranty if anything breaks.

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