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Playdate: An introverted journey with 'The Beginner's Guide'


Everybody needs a creative outlet -- a valve, if you will, to relieve the pressure of modern humanity. What if your outlet was creating video games? And what if a friend of yours compiled the games you made during a specific personal crisis, and distributed them to the world to digest? If they did, you'd have The Beginner's Guide, Davey Wrenden's weird, introverted interactive narrative experience. Join me, Tim Seppala and the disembodied voice of Wrenden himself at 6PM ET (3PM PT)on, the Engadget gaming homepage and right here in this post as we explore the mind of a game developer "struggling to deal with something they do not understand." Fair warning, though: this one is gonna get a little weird.

Playdate: An Introverted Journey with 'The Beginner's Guide'
[We're streaming The Beginner's Guide at 720p through OBS, so rest assured this game will look dramatically better on your PC at home.]

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