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Dear Veronica: Going old school with game emulators!


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I can't believe it's already been 20 episodes! You guys have been awesome about sending in questions, so thank you. But enough sentimental stuff, let's get to the questions!

First up, we look at your responses from our recent emoji poll on audiobooks vs. reading. You had some thoughts on this one, like this tweet from John:

Don't worry John, you're commenting in the right place. Though I have to disagree, I think the pause button can be put to excellent use in that scenario!

We also had a great question from Chris via email about modern-day video game emulators, which is answered by Engadget editor Tim Seppala. I also tackle some inquiries about podcasting on Spotify, and how to make your old school iMac run at tolerable speeds.

Thanks for watching, and make sure to keep sending those questions in for future episodes, either via email or on social media with the hashtag #DearVeronica.

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