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Facebook's mobile notifications say more about the world around you


Facebook's mobile app practically revolves around the notifications tab, but it can be a pretty insular place. It won't show much about what's happening in your friends' lives, let alone the outside world. The social network wants to change that, though. It's rolling out an expanded notifications tab that will show you friends' life milestones, events you've joined and a few details based on pages you've liked, such as sports scores and upcoming TV shows. You can also see local goings-on if you like, including movies, restaurants and weather. This isn't exactly Facebook's take on Google Now, but it'll certainly seem familiar.

The feature will gradually spread to Android and iOS devices over time, so don't be surprised if it isn't available right away. There may be more cards on the way, too. Either way, Facebook is clearly aware that the news feed isn't as important as it used to be -- your notification tab may be a better place for news you can't afford to miss.

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