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Android can record your mobile gaming sessions


Google doesn't want YouTube Gaming to be populated solely with videos from consoles and PCs. It's rolling out a feature in the Google Play Games app that lets you record 480p or 720p footage from any Android game that supports the Google Play framework. All you do is pick the game from the GPG app and start capturing -- when you're done, you can edit the clip before sending it YouTube's way. You can have it record your on-camera reactions, too, if pure gameplay isn't entertaining enough. Only US and UK gamers will have access to recording in the next few days, but more countries are coming "soon after."

This isn't full-on streaming, and it's doubtful that Android "let's play" videos will be as popular as what you get from someone's computer or dedicated game machine. However, this may give you more of a reason to watch on YouTube versus rivals like Twitch, where you typically have to jump through hoops to get your phone gameplay online. There's also a degree of futureproofing here. Mobile games may not be very impressive right now, but technology and game design are advancing quickly enough that you might have plenty of incentives to watch in the future.

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