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SceneSkim movie app does exactly what it says it would


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As much as I love watching movies, I'm not doing it for work and don't really need to worry about finding a specific scene or line of dialogue as fast as possible. But I'm not a film scholar or student, so those folks have it a little tougher when it comes to such matters. To that end, researchers have at the University of California Berkeley have developed SceneSkim. It's a bit of tech that leverages captions, scripts and plot summaries to speed up searching for scenes in flicks rather than manually fast forwarding or rewinding. There's a video of it in action below and it looks pretty slick, actually and should be a boon for the people who need quick access to specific movie scenes.

It pulls in the script, plot synopsis and captions to populate its results, and clicking on individual elements from each take you to the specific scene where it's happening. SceneSkim even allows for searching for a specific keyword or phrase too. Want an accurate count of how many times the F-bomb is dropped in Wolf of Wall Street? Now's your chance.

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