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You get what you pay for with Walmart's $10 Android phone


Walmart is known for its heavily discounted goods, and in another display of price-slashing has just announced that it will sell two Android smartphones for $10 each. Prior to this offer, the cheapest smartphone on the market was the $35 Firefox OS phone. Wondering what you get for $10? Well, not a whole lot. Both TracFone LG handsets (the Sunrise L15G and Lucky LG16) offer low-grade specs and old software, running Android 4.4 KitKat, the version released two years ago. However for that price, you shouldn't expect them to run Marshmallow. You also get WiFi, but no 4G and no front-facing camera which means it's going to be a lot harder to take a selfie. On the plus side, the phones support a microSD card which means you can ramp up the measly 4GB of storage. With all that said, there's no clear difference between the two models as all the specs and software are the same. However, if you want a bare-bones yet functional smartphone for less than the price of dinner, we're sure you know where to find a Walmart.

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