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Twitch private messages make their way to mobile


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Twitch introduced its private messaging, dubbed Whisper, almost six months ago and now the system is rolling out to mobile. Like normal, a small number of Android users will get the functionality first and Twitch says that once its gathered enough feedback for a full deployment, the feature will hit iOS. If you get the notification to update the app, you're in; otherwise there's nothing else you have to do. The live-streaming service announced some big changes to its video-on-demand section at TwitchCon this year and those are starting to come to fruition, as well. Support for thumbnail editing is live for everyone. Sadly, you can't upload your own images though. Instead, Twitch will auto-generate a quartet of thumbnails for any past broadcasts -- generous! Twitch says that further customization options are coming down the pike. Should you need something to hold you over until then, well, there are always Bob Ross Mondays.

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