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Sonos will support Apple Music starting December 15th

First with an open beta, then with full access in early 2016.

Sonos will close a major gap in the services that it supports on December 15th -- that's when the company's products will start working with Apple Music. The company said that this would happen by the end of the year back in June, just before Apple Music launched, and it seems that it'll make good on its promises. The service will first be available as part of an open beta, with full availability to come in early 2016.

Sonos will support all of the main music navigation features found in Apple Music: the custom "for you" recommended playlists and albums, radio stations including Beats 1, the "new" music aggregation and your own personal library of songs, albums and playlists. Apple Music's "connect" feature won't be part of Sonos, but that section is more about bands you following sharing content like videos and photos rather than pure music playback.

It's likely the last bit of news for Sonos following a very busy few months -- the company recently started selling its excellent new Play:5 speaker and rolled out support for its TruePlay audio tuning technology. Apple Music just came to Android, as well, so support for the service is getting pretty widespread at this point. We'll have to wait until the 15th to see how well Sonos works with Apple Music, but we're not expecting it to be wildly different than how it already works with Spotify, Google Play Music, Tidal and the many other streaming sources it already supports.

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