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Donald Trump commandeers

Another day in digital presidential politics.
Flickr/John Pemble

The domain redirects to the official campaign page for Donald Trump's presidential bid. The URL has been up for grabs since April, at least -- at the time, CNN Money reported it was on sale for $250,000 via hosting service Apparently Bush, who's running for the Republican nomination alongside Trump and a (large) handful of other candidates, didn't think it was worthwhile to invest in his own-name dot-com domain. His official website is

Two other Bush-related domains are in the hands of outsiders: is a blog run by a gay couple, and is an anti-Bush website that purports to demonstrate the candidate is "actually a radical social liberal."

Bush doesn't have the tightest relationship with online communities in general. If elected president, he's vowed to kill net neutrality and expand the NSA's ability to surveil digital "evildoers."

[Image credit: Flickr/John Pemble]

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