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Wear your DNA as a scarf

Your genetic sequence could keep you warm this winter.

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It's a cliché to say that clothes reflect who you are... but in this case, it's definitely true. Dot One is offering a lambswool scarf (among other products) whose artwork is based on your genetic sequence. All you do is send in a 23andMe-style cheek swab sample that's scanned for pieces of distinctive yet repeatable genetic code. When Dot One matches that code to colors, the result is a scarf pattern that looks reasonably fashionable, but is almost certain to be unique -- unless you're an identical twin, the odds of running into someone else with the same scarf are virtually zero.

This definitely isn't cheap. You're looking at £310 ($464) to buy the scarf, the necessary DNA testing kit and photos of the weaving process. Even a personalized print will set you back £139 ($208). Having said this, it's a clever way to both visualize genetics and get some truly personal apparel. Besides, it might be a sweet gift for any budding biologists in your life.

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