Fiat Chrysler adding Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support

FCA also produces Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Alfa Romeos.

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Fiat Chrysler adding Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is introducing the next generation of its Connect in-car entertainment (ICE) software at CES this year, and it includes support for both Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto. The move follows Ford's announcement earlier today that it too would support both platforms with its Sync 3 ICE platform. FCA produces Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Alfa Romeo cars in addition to those from its namesake brands.

The company is showing off the capabilities of the new system in a Dodge Charger Pursuit at the annual trade show, with a police-exclusive setup that includes a 12.1-inch, 1,024 x 768 touchscreen. The Charger Pursuit system also includes the ability for law enforcement officers to toggle between the ICE and a police computer via the touchscreen.

Those not in US law enforcement will still be able to take advantage of Uconnect's new Apple and Google integrations. The more traditional systems will start appearing in a variety of configurations across FCA's brands this year.

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