US Customs seized $35,000 worth of counterfeit Fitbits

More like Fakebits (amirite?)

Being one of the most identifiable names in a technology sector means that people will always want in on your turf. It's a problem that Fitbit knows all too well, since it's now dealing not just with generic clones of its devices, but counterfeit models as well. US Customs and Border Protection has revealed that it seized $35,000 worth of fake Fitbits as they arrived into Philadelphia on a shipment from Hong Kong. The devices were nabbed on January 4th, putting the stops on at least 350 people's new year's resolutions to slim down.

Counterfeit devices like these are a big problem for the technology industry, especially given how fast these knock-offs can be produced. For instance, back in 2014, Goophone took just two days before it was able to crank out a passable clone of the Galaxy S5, while the Apple Watch was pirated before it was even released. As amusingly absurd as it all is, it's worth remembering that counterfeit goods have no guarantees of safety or compliance with regulations. After all, the reason that self-balancing skateboards are being seized at customs is because of their propensity to explode thanks to shoddy workmanship.