Google is working on extension-free tab Casting in Chrome

A simpler way to put Chrome tabs on your TV.

Mirroring a basic Chrome tab on your Chromecast-connected TV could soon be a little easier from a laptop or PC. As company evangelist François Beaufort explains, the Chromium team is currently working on a feature that would effectively replace the Google Cast extension. So instead of diving into the Chrome Web Store, you would be able to right-click on the page and select 'Cast' instead. The functionality is already live in the beta version of Chrome -- you can check it out now by typing "chrome://flags/#media-router" into the address box and enabling the "Media Router" flag. (Just know that there might be some bugs.)

As with all Chrome beta and Chrome Canary features, there's no guarantee that this will make it into the final, consumer-ready version of Chrome. However, given its simplicity and usefulness, it seems likely that something of this nature will eventually be offered to the public. After all, especially for the less tech-savvy (hello, mom and dad) it makes the whole "learning to Cast" experience just that little bit simpler and faster.