Play the video game starring David Bowie for free

In honor of Bowie, Square Enix offers 'Omikron: The Nomad Soul' at no charge.

David Bowie was a man ahead of his time across a range of industries, including gaming. The man and his music are featured in the 1999 game Omikron: The Nomad Soul, from the studio that went on to create Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. If you're familiar with those games -- yes, Omikron is a fairly trippy experience. Its publisher, Square Enix, has decided to offer Omikron for free today through January 22nd, in honor of Bowie's life and his surprising death this week at the age of 69. To hold your own digital vigil for The Man who Fell to Earth, use the promo code "omikron" at checkout on the Square Enix store.

David Bowie influenced the lives of millions during his too-short stint on the planet and he continued creating gorgeous, innovative art until the very end. Some of the Engadget staff paid tribute to Bowie as the man who fused science fiction with pop culture and captivated the stars.