The Twitch app is down for some PS4 players (updated)

It's not just you.

The Twitch app on PlayStation 4 has been down since Friday for some users under the error code CE-34878-0. But, fear not, live-streaming PS4 fans: Twitch is on the case.

"Our team is aware of it and working to get it fixed as soon as possible," a Twitch spokesperson tells Engadget. There's no word on how widespread the issue is, how long it should take to resolve or what's causing it. The error is "something technical that will be resolved soon," the spokesperson says.

A Reddit thread about the error went live on Friday. Users have posted a few potential workarounds for the issue, though the easiest one is to open Twitch via the PS4's web browser. Competitive Call of Duty player Daniel Loza tweeted about the error and some of his followers confirmed they were having the same issue, while others said the app was working fine on their ends.

Amazon bought Twitch in 2014 for nearly $1 billion. Twitch has since streamlined its processes, held its first-ever convention and launched the careers of a handful of livestreamers (including Deadmau5). The service regularly hosts popular eSports tournaments.

We've followed up with Twitch about the error and will update with additional information as it comes in.

Update: PS4 players, all should be well with your Twitch app as of Wednesday, January 27th. After downloading a quick update, Twitch appears to be working once again on Sony's console. Enjoy, esports and streaming fiends.