Apple reportedly plans to launch a new iPad in March

An iPad Air 3 could be in the cards.

Apple's oft-rumored March event is quickly becoming a smorgasbord... you know, a little bit of everything. Sources for 9to5Mac say that Apple now hopes to introduce a new 9.7-inch iPad as part of the mid-March gathering. Just what that tablet will do isn't clear, but tipsters suggest that it may borrow a page or two from the iPad Pro. The Cupertino crew has supposedly been testing a 9.7-inch screen with Pencil support, for one thing. There's also talk of better speakers and a rear camera flash, and it'd only make sense to get a faster processor like the iPad Pro's A9X.

So, what else is on the cards? We've already touched on the fabled 4-inch iPhone redesign, but 9to5 has tossed out hopes of seeing an Apple Watch 2 in March -- that would have to wait until September. Instead, the upcoming gig would introduce new Watch bands (mostly for the Hermes and Sport lines), including one made from a "new material." This wouldn't be an Earth-shattering event, then, but it would cover a lot of ground.

[Image credit: Noah Berger/Bloomberg via Getty Images]