Steel yarn jackets absorb energy from the sun to keep you warm

They can absorb energy from artificial light, too.

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Mariella Moon
January 27th, 2016
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Steel yarn jackets absorb energy from the sun to keep you warm

ThermalTech's jackets don't look too different from a North Face, but the company promises they're more unique (and less bulky) than the standard fare. See, they sandwich a "smart" fabric layer made of lightweight stainless steel yarn in between the outer layer and the lining. That fabric absorbs UV rays from the sun and converts whatever it collects into heat to keep you warm. The company says the jackets can reach 18 degrees F in just two minutes under the sun even when it's cold. You don't have to worry even if a snowstorm's blocking out the sky either -- the jackers can absorb energy from artificial light, as well.

Sadly, you can't buy one to protect you from the cold right now. ThermalTech has launched an Indiegogo campaign you can back to get one as early as August 2016, though you really shouldn't treat Indiegogo/other crowdfunding websites as a pre-order platform. If you'd like to take a chance, you can get the "Street" version of the jacket when you pledge $139, which is 50 percent off its expected retail price. To get the more heavy-duty versions, "Explorer" and "Extreme," you'll have to pledge $10 and $20 more, respectively.

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