Yahoo unifies its homepage and news app with more content

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Yahoo unifies its homepage and news app with more content

Yahoo's bringing a major overhaul to its homepage and apps for iOS and Android. Today, the internet giant announced it's making notable content and design changes to these platforms, in an effort to make the experience consistent across the board. One of the main tweaks is how it delivers articles to users: If you have an account, the news feed will now tailor itself for you, with topics you're interested in. So the more time you spend on the homepage or app, the more they learn about your preferences.

Additionally, Yahoo is also making it easier to keep up with developing stories. You can get real-time updates as a story is developing and, should your heart desire, notifications when new information has been added to the article. It's definitely an improved way to consume media -- that's particularly beneficial for those of you who are Yahoo power users.

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