Here's the view from Blue Origin's rocket as it lands

Watch the last six seconds of its landing.

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin proved that its New Shepard rocket is indeed reusable by launching and landing it successfully a second time in January. While you've likely seen a footage or two of the suborbital trip, this one offers something more unique: it was taken by the camera mounted on the rocket itself. The Vine video below the fold shows the last six seconds of the vertical landing (sped up a bit) from the New Shepard's point of view. You can clearly see one of its legs unfold and its engines fire up as it was about to touch down.

Blue Origin rival SpaceX managed to land its upgraded Falcon 9 on solid ground in December, as well. That rocket flew higher than New Shepard did, but Bezos' company announced last year that it plans to manufacture a fleet of reusable, orbital vehicles.