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Apple TV is getting badly-needed voice-dictation

Inputting text at the moment is a pain.
Apple TV is getting badly-needed voice-dictation
Steve Dent
Steve Dent|@stevetdent|February 9, 2016 5:44 AM

Apple is really trying to fix one of the biggest complaints about its generally solid 2015 Apple TV: text input. The previous beta 2 of tvOS 9.2 introduced a bluetooth keyboard, and the latest beta 3 version of tvOS 9.2 now has dictation and App Store search for Siri. The dictation feature lets you speak to input text and spell passwords rather than typing them using the remote -- a process that's infuriatingly slow and clunky. To use it, you hold down the remote's Siri button and speak, with confirmation that it hears you coming via a live level meter.

The App Store search for Siri is another logical addition because, again, the current text input method sucks. Using your voice, you can now seek categories like "photo and video" or "games," and search for specific apps. Other new features expected for osTV 9.2 include Live Photos and iCloud Photo Library support, better folder organization and a refreshed App Switcher. It'll likely arrive this spring alongside iOS 9.3.
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Apple TV is getting badly-needed voice-dictation