The 2016 presidential race according to Facebook 'likes'

The interactive map shows candidates Ben Carson and Bernie Sanders duking it out for the top spot.


The data-minded folks over at FiveThirtyEight have teamed up with Facebook to find out what parts of the country support which candidate via an interactive map. While FiveThirtyEight stresses that this is in no way a representative sample (Facebook users skew heavily younger, low-income and female, for instance), it's still interesting to see where candidates stack up in terms of page likes.

My backyard of Kent County in Michigan has Republican neurosurgeon Ben Carson leading the way with 30 percent of likes, Vermont Democrat Bernie Sanders with 29 percent and priapic real estate mogul Donald Trump trailing at 17 percent. But judging by the rest of the map up above, that order isn't far off from how the rest of the country is leaning.

But if likes translated directly to votes, Sanders would likely beat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton nationwide by a 3:1 ratio, with Trump picking up more votes than Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio combined.

You can even further drill down and compare candidates on a same-party, state-by-state basis as well, should you so desire. Again, it's important to note that this isn't anywhere close to being a scientific prediction of who will win the race for our country's top office.

FiveThirtyEight says that another factor playing into these numbers is that "only some people on Facebook have liked a presidential candidate's page." Meaning, just because you support a candidate, it doesn't mean you've clicked the thumbs up.

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