Volvo is the latest to add phone-free Spotify to its rides

But your mobile device can still act as an in-car remote for the streaming service.

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Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Volvo has been involved with a fair bit of high-tech stuff as of late, but the latest announcement from the company is a little less fantastical than garbage-collecting robots. The Swedish car manufacturer is partnering with Stockholm-based Spotify for a native streaming app in its XC90 SUV, S90 sedan (above) and V90 wagon this spring, no mobile device required. Accessing the streaming service in your new ride will require a Spotify Premium account, much like using it on a PlayStation 4 or other device would.

A prepared statement says that you'll still be able to go about things the old way (connecting your mobile device via Bluetooth or CarPlay) if you want. But the tablet-like infotainment center will probably offer a better experience in terms of user interface while you're driving. You can search for albums or artists by scrawling the first letter of their name with your fingertip, for example. And hey, if you want some of the old-school feel, Spotify Connect can still act as a remote for playback for your passengers.

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