Netflix debuts Marvel's 'Luke Cage' on September 30th

The third of the gritty Marvel shows is half a year away.

Steve Sands/GC Images

If you've been waiting for Netflix to flesh out its grittier Marvel shows with the release of Luke Cage, you now have a date to mark on your calendar. Lead actor Michael Colter has revealed that the unbreakable hero's show will premiere on September 30th, or half a year after Daredevil's second season kicks off. Colter didn't say what the new show will entail, but the basic premise is no secret: Cage moves to Harlem following the events of Jessica Jones, and he'll face enemies ranging from Black Mariah to Cottonmouth. There's no certainty that Luke Cage will be a hit, but the effort invested in the first two Netflix-only Marvel shows (and Colter's performance in Jessica Jones) suggests that it's in good hands.