Audible wants you to share audiobook passages like Vine clips

A new Clips feature allows you to save your favorite excerpts.
Billy Steele
B. Steele|03.17.16

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Audible wants you to share audiobook passages like Vine clips

The next time you discover a notable passage in an audiobook, Audible wants you to share it among your friends like you would a meme or Vine clip. The audiobook company announced a Clips feature today, a tool that allows you to select a short passage or excerpt to download for future listening. The feature also lets you share the snippet of audio via social channels, email and text message. In the Audible app, just tap the Clips icon when you hear something you want to save or share. The software will then let you select up to 45 seconds of audio. And yes, you can make edits should the need arise.

The folks that you send the clip to won't need an account or the app in order to listen. They'll also be able to share the snippet and, as you might expect, buy the full audiobook once their interest is piqued. The Clips feature is available on iOS and Windows now and will soon be available inside the Android version of the app soon.

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