Barclays isn't planning to support Android Pay in the UK

But Apple Pay is coming 'soon'.

Dick Thomas Johnson, Flickr

If UK bank Barclays hadn't angered mobile customers enough over its delayed rollout of Apple Pay, a new announcement today looks take things up a notch. After Google declared that it will bring rival payment service Android Pay to the UK in the coming months, Barclays has gone on record to say it has no plans to support the platform. In a statement sent to Techradar, the company said: "At this stage we are not planning on participating in Android Pay in the UK."

Instead, Barclays insists it will concentrate on the development of its own NFC payment technology, which is currently available inside the Barclaycard Android app. Google's operating system allows third-party apps to interact with the NFC chip inside many of today's Android flagships, which is something that Apple does not allow.

If you're an iPhone or Apple Watch owner and are patiently waiting for Barclays to switch Apple Pay live, which was meant to happen by March 27th, there is some good news. In an email, Barclays CEO Ashok Vaswani confirmed to Barclays customer Chris Leonard that the bank plans to enable Apple Pay support "soon" but "for a variety of contractual reasons" a definite launch date can't yet be confirmed.

If you're an Apple fan, don't fret, you won't have to wait long, but if you're of an Android persuasion, lady luck isn't currently on your side.