Live from Microsoft's Build 2016 keynote!

Get ready for the latest news on all things Windows. And maybe a bit of HoloLens too.
Nicole Lee
N. Lee|03.30.16

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Live from Microsoft's Build 2016 keynote!
It's time once again for Build, Microsoft's annual developer conference, where the company lays out its plan for the year ahead. Since Windows 10 is already out there in the wild -- where it's enjoying quite a bit of popularity -- we don't expect too big of an update on the OS front. Still, we'll probably see a few additional features; perhaps richer Live Tiles, greater Cortana integration and even more of those universal apps (Skype, anyone?). It seems especially likely that we'll hear more about how Windows 10 apps will work on the Xbox One. On top of that, we're expecting more Office and productivity suite news and fingers crossed that we'll get an update on Windows Phone too. Last, but certainly not least, we'll definitely get to see more of HoloLens, Microsoft's AR headset that's set to head out to developers later this week. To get the full rundown of what will be announced at the keynote, tune in to our liveblog right here at 11:30 am ET / 8:30 am PT.
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