Google's Chrome experiment shows artists painting with light

You can watch them paint and sculpt virtual artworks on your browser.

Google has commissioned six artists to paint and sculpt with light using the company's virtual painting app Tilt Brush. And yes, the big G has captured the whole process, so you can watch the artists work on their masterpieces. The team used Kinect to film the artists at work and tweaked Tilt Brush to be able to show each brush stroke on a browser.

Since the project's a Chrome experiment, you can access all the videos in the series called "Virtual Art Sessions" without a virtual reality headset. You can even drag the videos on your browser to view the in-progress pieces from different angles, including from the artists' POV. The sessions are pretty fascinating to watch to say the least. But if you're more interested in how the Google team pulled it off, check out their detailed explanation on the G Developers' website.