Lionsgate deal brings big-name movies to Steam

You can watch 'The Hunger Games' in between rounds of 'Rocket League.'

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You've had pretty slim pickings for major movie rentals on Steam (unless you really like Mad Max), but that's changing today. Lionsgate has reached a deal with Valve to put over 100 of its movies on Steam, including flicks you'll definitely recognize -- the Hunger Games, Saw and Twilight movies, for example. Availability might vary where you live, but the prices are at least right. You're usually looking at between $4 to $5 for a 48-hour rental, depending on how big a title you're hoping to watch.

Steam's movie catalog is still far from complete without the support of other major studios. However, this is still a big deal. It represents a shift away from the service's near-exclusive focus on games and toward a general-purpose store. In that sense, it's competing more directly with the online stores of Apple and Microsoft than game providers like GOG -- it wants to cover all your digital entertainment desires, not just feed your Dark Souls addiction.
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