Intel explains its strategy for moving beyond the PC

Its CEO thinks the future is in the cloud.

John MacDougall/AFP/Getty Images

When Intel slashed thousands of jobs as part of its big attempt to expand beyond the PC, it left a lot of people wondering: just what is this strategy, and why is it so vital? As of today, you have a better (if imperfect) explanation. CEO Brian Krzanich has outlined that strategy in a lengthy editorial. He believes that the cloud is the most important thing forming the "smart, connected world," and that everything revolves around it. That means fostering 5G data access, connecting the internet of things and pushing for technology that improves computing power in devices and data centers, such as ever-denser processors and extra-fast 3D memory.

To some extent, Krzanich is trying to explain what Intel has already been doing, rather than where the chip giant is going next. It's no secret that Intel has been promoting the internet of things for years, and shrinking processor technology has been the core of its business for decades. All the same, the manifesto shows just how much Intel's priorities have shifted away from conventional computing. While computers are still big factors, the company is well aware that it can't depend on a sagging PC market to maintain its fortunes.