Google Spaces helps you share things with small groups

It's effectively Google+ communities in app form.

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Google Spaces helps you share things with small groups

Apparently, Google+ refocusing on communities just wasn't enough. Google has introduced Spaces, an app for Android, iOS and the web that's designed solely for sharing experiences in small groups. All you have to do is start a topic, invite a few people (no, they don't need Google+) and you're off to the races -- there's a conversational view that makes sure you see whatever's going on. Chrome, search and YouTube are built-in, so you don't have to hop between apps to find a relevant story or video.

The app isn't live as we write this (it arrives later on the 16th), so it's hard to say how well it'll work in practice. However, it's clear that the folks in Mountain View believe that Google+ communities can only accomplish so much. They tend to revolve around larger groups, and it's easy for someone's thoughts to get lost in a sea of posts. Spaces is the antithesis of that: it's for book clubs, developer meet-ups and any other close-knit community where every person's input is valuable.

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