Gesture control is coming to phone-based VR

EyeSight wants touch-free interfaces for low-cost headsets.

Right now, gesture control in virtual reality typically requires an expensive PC and specialized sensors. But what if you can only afford (or simply prefer) VR on your phone? Don't worry, you're covered. EyeSight Technologies has developed gesture control that uses your phone's rear camera to allow touch-free input. It should work with any Android or iOS device, and it isn't picky about headsets. Anything from Gear VR to Google Cardboard should work, although we can't imagine Cardboard owners having much luck if they don't have a head strap.

There's no mention of just when you'll see this gesture input in practice, although its hardware-independent nature makes it more a matter of integrating with the right apps. Also, more advanced experiences are in the pipeline. EyeSight is bringing its control scheme to phones with built-in 3D sensors, so you might get top-notch VR navigation without ever touching a computer or special controller.