Device that makes surfaces smart reaches funding in an hour

The campaign is still raking in cash.

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Device that makes surfaces smart reaches funding in an hour

The Knocki team's Kickstarter campaign was a huge success: they managed to raise $35,000 in just over an hour. They've even reached $136,000 as of this writing. What enticed people to put their faith in Knocki's creator (Texas-based Swan Solutions) is the promise of a device that can turn any surface into a controller for various gadgets and smart devices in your home. So long as you attach a Knocki onto, say, a table, a countertop or a wall, it can recognize up to 10 unique tapping and knocking patterns.

For instance, three quick knocks on the wall could switch on the lights, while two could activate the thermostat. A couple of slow taps on the bedside table could activate the coffeemaker while you're still in bed, while a knock on your door could send you a text message that someone's visiting. The device uses non-acoustic sensor technology, so it doesn't get confused with random sounds. Plus, its creator says it can differentiate between random vibrations and deliberate knocks.

Knocki works with Nest, Philips Hue, Wemo, Samsung Smartthings and apps like Spotify and Gmail. But if you haven't transformed your house into a high-tech home yet, it can also control phones and other wifi-connected appliances like speakers and alarm clocks. The campaign is still ongoing, and you can get one sensor for $69. If all goes according to the company's plan (don't forget that they sometimes don't) Kickstarter backers should get their rewards by December.

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