Mophie brings wireless charging to its iPhone battery cases

It's all part of Mophie's plan to make wireless charging stink less.

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Mophie brings wireless charging to its iPhone battery cases

Wireless phone charging has been around for years, but most consumers wouldn't know it. The fight between different standards and a lack of support from phone makers has made the entire idea of charging your mobile wirelessly a huge mess. Mophie is hoping to bring some sanity to the concept with its new $100 Juice Pack Wireless cases for the iPhone 6 and 6S, which integrate cord-free charging along with an additional 50 percent of battery life.

Like Mophie's earlier wireless cases for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the new iPhone cases are compatible with virtually every wireless charging standard on the market, including Qi and Powermat. They also sport integrated magnets, which keeps them attached to their included charging bases, as well as Mophie's vent mount for cars and desk mount accessories. Naturally, those mounts also serve as wireless charging surfaces.

By adding in magnets, Mophie solves a problem endemic to all wireless charging solutions so far: they're often less convenient than charging with a cord, since you can't pick up your phone. Mophie's mount accessories avoids that issue entirely.

More so than Samsung's recent phones, which already have wireless charging integrated, the Juice Pack Wireless cases are a boon for iPhone users who have been aching for cord-free charging. iPhone owners already need special cases if they want to take advantage of wireless charging -- Mophie's cases simply gives them the benefit of a portable battery pack as well.

Mophie plans to make wireless charging a standard feature in all of its cases moving forward, which could make its products more compelling to people who aren't just interested in extra battery life. And that might just give the cordless charging market the kick in the pants it needs.

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