T-Mobile creates service plan for visitors to the US

$30 gets you three weeks of constant connectivity with your homeland.

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Brendan McDermid / Reuters
Brendan McDermid / Reuters
Tech-savvy travelers heading out from the US know how to make their (unlocked) smartphones work abroad: buy a pre-paid local SIM and add credits as needed. Sure actual international plans exist, but they're usually more expensive than they're worth. Today, however, T-Mobile's flipping the script by offering a Tourist Plan for visitors to the US. The service, which goes live June 12th, costs $30 and lasts for three weeks, giving visitors unlimited data (LTE up to 2GB, though!), domestic and international texting and 1,000 voice minutes for domestic calls. What's more, T-Mobile's not charging for the SIM card or activation. In all, it's a pretty good deal and cheaper than the company's other prepaid options. So if you were hoping to stay connected and share the minutiae of your US adventures with your followers back home, now you've got a solid option.
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