The NBA's fitness app gives you training tips from the pros

You'll also need Under Armour's UA Record app to track those workouts.

The options for fitness apps are seemingly endless these days, and now the National Basketball Association (NBA) is adding yet another. Thanks to a hand from Under Armour, the pro basketball league now has it's own exercise and training app: NBA Fit. The NBA says the mobile software combines Under Armour's Connected Fitness platform with fitness tips and videos from players in the league and the WNBA. There's also pointers from strength and conditioning coaches.

While the advice will be focused on training and nutrition as it relates to basketball, there will be challenges for you to compete against your pals. If you're familiar with Under Armour's Connected Fitness platform, you can expect a similar experience here. To keep tabs on a workout though, you'll have to also install the UA Record app as NBA Fit is more of a content and social hub than an activity-tracking tool. Bummer.

Partnering with UA is an interesting move for the NBA, as Adidas is its current uniform and apparel provider for the league and Nike is set to take over in 2017. However, the reigning MVP, Steph Curry, is one of Under Armour's biggest athletes and it also has quite the slate of exercise and nutrition apps already. Need some training tips? The NBA Fit app is available free of charge via Google Play and iTunes.