Get your next movie recommendation from a Facebook bot

'And Chill' needs input from you to find a movie you'll love.

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Get your next movie recommendation from a Facebook bot image
Get your next movie recommendation from a Facebook bot image
Facebook is still working on rolling out its bot platform, with the apps that will eventually comprise it still in its early stages. But there's one that you can try out right now, complete with a ridiculous name based on one of the memes du jour out there on the internet. It's called And Chill, and it's a movie recommendation engine.Via Facebook Messenger or text you can engage And Chill, where it will ask you to tell it a particular movie you enjoyed and why you liked it. The bot will analyze your reasoning and use the data it receives to recommend films in the same vein as the one you stated a preference for. The science behind it all isn't so readily shared by the startup itself, but it "uses a few different frameworks to detect patters, attributes, and other factors" to work its magic.

At the time of this post And Chill is under some heavy load, promising it "won't be long" for a response, but to expect delays. I wasn't actually able to get a recommendation due to said delays (I waited 20 minutes for a response) but it looks from other user reviews it's offering some decent suggestions here and there.

It's definitely a leg up from doing the Netflix shuffle where you flip back and forth through categories aimlessly, but it'll need some time before it works as flawlessly as we'd want. Still, you've got to admit -- being hand-delivered a movie suggestion and a trailer to match it is a lot better than trolling IMDb.

If you're interested in giving And Chill a try, you can access it via Facebook Messenger or by texting 213-297-3673.
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