The After Math: Technology to the rescue

The modern world finally gets off its duff and accomplishes something.

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The After Math: Technology to the rescue

With all the new products being showcased at Computex this past week, it's totally understandable if you happened to miss some of the actually useful things technology does for us. Besides enabling us to send pictures of our genitals anywhere in the world in an instant, I mean. Uber, for example, is being leveraged to help underserved elderly residents of a "depopulated" Japanese town get around. A new mobile app is getting the NYPD to the scene 12 percent faster. And a NASA satellite has spotted 39 previously undiscovered "major" sulphur dioxide emitters. Numbers, because how else are we going to keep score?

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  • 39
  • 6 months
  • 200 terabytes
  • 12 percent
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