'Psychonauts' is available today on PS4 after all

Happy Tuesday, everybody.

PlayStation Blog editors are either confused or playing a tricky little prank on Psychonauts fans this week. Double Fine's celebrated PlayStation 2 adventure game is available today on PlayStation 4, even though on Sunday Sony's blog announced Psychonauts was "coming out soon, but not this week." The PS4 version of Psychonauts is $10 on the PlayStation Store, available right now as a PS2 Classic.

We first heard about Psychonauts heading to PS4 back in January.

Double Fine successfully crowdfunded Psychonauts 2 earlier this year to the tune of $3.8 million (the goal was $3.3 million). The studio didn't use Kickstarter, the platform that propelled Double Fine to prominence in 2012 with a record-setting campaign for Broken Age. Instead, it turned to Fig, a crowdfunding system that allows unaccredited people to actually invest in a project, rather than simply throw money at it. Former Double Fine COO Justin Bailey founded the platform in 2015 and studio founder Tim Schafer is on Fig's board.