'Batman: Return to Arkham' delayed indefinitely

More time to polish it up, more time for fans' tears.

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WB Games
WB Games

The cheery news that Batman: Arkham Knight players get a weird new costume has been overshadowed by an update that Batman: Return to Arkham, a remastered collection of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, would be delayed. A post by a WB staff member on the game's forums announced that the game wouldn't come out on its planned release day of July 29th in order to keep refining it. In fact, they don't even have a new release date, leading cynics to wonder if it's all a ploy to release it alongside Batman VR in October. Or if it will be released at all.

Anyway, if you're a member of the forums on the WB Games site, you can get a bonus Zur-En-Arrh costume to play with in Arkham Knight. It's based on that time Batman got mindwiped and a backup personality with a gaudy fashion sense stepped in (comics!). While it's certainly one of the more niche outfits from the hero's sartorial arsenal, the Arkham games have released so many alternate costumes that we were bound to be driven into the weirder corners of Batman apocrypha.

The reward was probably intended for the dogged fans who have long kept the Arkham buzz going in the forums, but you don't actually need to have posted anything to collect the in-game item. To get the skin, just log in to the forums with your WB Play ID, fire up Return To Arkham and log in at the main menu screen, and poof: New costume. Any existing account (including one you just made for the costume) will work as long as you surf around the forums at least once while signed in.

Hopefully some new duds for the caped crusader will tide you over until we get a solid release date for Return To Arkham. But for dark knight fans who are tired of getting burned by WB Games, take heart in the highly-anticipated first episode of Telltale's Batman game, which is set to be released this summer.

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