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Sonos' flagship NYC store hosts a massive wall of speakers

The retail space will officially open on July 19th.
Sonos' flagship NYC store hosts a massive wall of speakers
Edgar Alvarez
Edgar Alvarez|@abcdedgar|July 12, 2016 9:00 AM

Sonos may be in the middle of a restructuring phase, but it isn't wasting any time rolling out its plans for the near future. Today, the company unveiled its first-ever retail store in New York City. The 4,200 square foot space, located in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood, features seven listening rooms designed to let consumers experience Sonos products firsthand. But the most outstanding decor is what you see above, known as The Wall of Sound. It's a 17-by-24-foot installation made up of roughly 300 Sonos speakers, of which eight are plugged in and active.

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According to Sonos Vice President of Global Brand, Dmitri Siegel, the store is intended to provide a home feel. For example, each listening room is laid out differently, giving you the sense you're sitting in a study room, home theater or kitchen as you jam out to a Play:1, Play:3, Play:5 and Playbar. Most importantly, Siegel says, this is an opportunity to introduce new people to the Sonos brand, as well as let others experience these products in a different type of retail environment.

The Sonos store will open its doors to the public next week, on July 19th. Until then, here's your first look at the shop.

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Sonos' flagship NYC store hosts a massive wall of speakers