Facebook and ABC team up for live DNC and RNC coverage

The non-stop streaming isn't just a rehash of TV content, either.

Reuters/Lucy Nicholson (L) and Jim Urquhart

Your options for livestreaming the Democratic and Republican national conventions just got even wider. ABC and Facebook are partnering on 24-hour live online coverage of both the DNC and RNC, whether it's speeches on the floor or protests outside. And importantly, this isn't just reusing TV programming onilne -- there will be in-depth coverage that wouldn't be practical in conventional broadcasting. Your comments and questions on Facebook will also influence the coverage.

ABC isn't the only one getting cozy with Facebook. C-SPAN, PBS and Fusion have all unveiled plans to use Facebook Live for some of their coverage. However, the ABC deal is one of the most ambitious yet, and suggests that you'll want to turn to the internet first if you want the most thorough examination of the electoral process. TV news channels can only devote so much airtime to a given subject, while Facebook Live and other livestreaming services make it relatively easy to focus on a single topic.