Try Prisma's machine-learned art filters on Android (updated)

Who needs realistic photos anyhow?

The latest heavily-filtered trend in your Instagram feed, Prisma, is now headed to Android on beta. The Russian-made app uses machine learning to severely tweak your images to something that almost approximates art -- and it's addictive, smart and sometimes annoying if you like photos that look like, well, photos. Since launching on iOS a month ago, the app rocketed to the top of the charts in multiple countries, although another certain app has proved even more popular. The beta is available here, but the company says this is just the start: it's also promised video filters and (zeitgeisty) 360-degree panoramas too.

According to TechCrunch, the company is working on making the most of its popularity, seeking out investors and there are even rumors of acquisitions -- which would make sense with the likes of Facebook or SnapChat. Prisma offers a clever way of reinterpreting your photos, something that's ideal for sharing on social networks. Founder Alexey Moiseenkov visited Facebook this week, and even showed off some Prisma-filtered video working within Facebook Live:

(Oh, and by the way, you can turn off that pesky Prisma watermark in the settings. The more you know.)

Update, 10:45AM ET: And just like that, Prisma has closed its Android beta. The company said in a Facebook post that it has already collected all the feedback it needs and closed the beta down. However, the full version for Android should be coming "later this month" to the Google Play Store.