Olympic-themed Apple Watch bands are only available in Rio

So hightail it to the Barra di Tijuca Apple Store this August if you wanna buy one.

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Trayvon Bromell
Trayvon Bromell

To celebrate the Olympic games, the Apple Watch is getting a series of commemorative straps that match the flags of 14 participating countries. GQ got the exclusive, saying that each model will set you back $49, and match the colors of the respective flags, such as the USA, Great Britain and New Zealand. Sprinter Trayvon Bromell (pictured) got his Team USA band a little earlier than everyone else, but it won't be that easy to imitate him. That's because the straps are only going to be sold in one Apple Store -- the Barra da Tijuca location in West Rio de Janeiro through the month of August. Yeah.

It's not the first time that Apple has produced ultra-rare nylon straps for its market-leading wearable. To celebrate Pride, the company gave participating employees a rainbow watch band. TNW suspected that the bands would soon make their way to eBay at a hefty premium, although we can't find any available right now. It looks like limited-edition bands to celebrate special events is going to be one way that Apple keeps loyalists happy, and those who don't fancy flying to Brazil to get that sweet Japan band quite miserable.

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